Grow leaps and bounds with Nivista

We help nurture entrepreneurs and businesses around the world that are looking
to stand out in their industry.

We are Full Stack

Whether a start-up, an entrepreneur or a company, we offer end-to-end services from
product, design and development to build execution and capital management.

The backbone for the effective functionality of teams and companies, their software and hardware products are designed and developed with accuracy and efficiency.

We at Nivista, create and accustom engineering and market ready teams that effectively churn out products, launch businesses, and scale companies.

We share our widespread and well-known knowledge of the Indian sub-continent to offer solutions that help businesses grow faster and better.

We understand it's important to support and encourage emerging technologies in the Indian market that would be the star players in the near future.

What and How We Do

The immaculate philosophy at Nivista of partnership, value, and creativity drives
us to develop products that create a buzz and live up-to-the hype.

Idea Scrutiny

Nivista focuses more on quality, hence why we evaluate and validate ideas on S-W-O-T, lean and other similar theories, only the hand-picked projects that are sometimes tweaked and stirred to be better thereby adding a feather in the cap for both us and our clients.

Idea vs Execution

Upon the commencement of the project, its time our in-house design and development specialist reinvigorate. A systematic streamlined approach in yields positive and progressive products. A repeated pitstop after every prelim builds to test gives way to a successful launch. After every successful launch, we just brush up and re-instigate.

We Work With


Startups are the future of tomorrow, with promise and energy they also offer newness and immense passion towards culminating their business with cutting edge technologies. Our association and partnership with startups is on both building up support, encouragement and working with them. Partnership on design and development is initiated to build incredible, effective, economic and successful associated projects.

At Nivista we understand the pulse of startups and helps them build and guides them on the way of success as an associate and a friend.


Nivista associates with enterprise clients as equal partners, since we value both elements to be crucial towards the building of the product. Re-imagining and building for an already prestigious company is a dicey issue a balancing this name with progressing it further is what we strive to achieve to scale your business at higher levels.

Our Engagement Models


You know what you want to build and clear about the scope. We are more than happy to help associate with you to give life to your imagined tech product with our design, development and go live offerings.


If you are a regular that needs an on-going process for services with core competencies, then join in with our retainer model and consider Nivista as an extension to your office.


A stark idea is not only what it takes to rule the market. Execution and budget are strong contenders in the race. We understand this, hence help fill in these voids to cater to an exceptional.

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